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Oil Well Pump Motors- Oilfield Technology

Oil Well Pump Motors- Over the past 100 years, industry pioneers have discovered that they could improve oil well pump efficiency that could in fact extend economic life of far deeper wells by years.

Why was it a high necessity? This new resource would refine the phenomenal worldwide demand for an inexpensive lamp fuel, which was kerosene. The evolution of pumping oil from down deep has resolved a lot of issues with producing oil. Even by having over 500,000 wells throughout the United States, the oil production remains significant.

Types and History of the Oilfield

Stripper Wells

With the help of artificial lift systems, stripper wells, will help by fulfilling the demands of oil, even when we think they will run dry. Stripper wells are very efficient, but there are still tons of oil that remains trapped underground.

The average stripper well produces only about 2.2 barrels per day. About 85% of the U.S. oil wells are using these, while only producing 18% of all domestic oil.

Marginal oil and natural gas wells number about 650,000 of the nation’s 876,000 wells. Once these oil wells are shutdown, it’s hard to keep them in production because they take specialized equipment and skills.

Stated from the Oklahoma Commission on Marginally Producing Oil and Gas Wells, “This is an occupation where most of your work is done in all types of weather while working alone, with few thanks, and possibly a small herd of cattle as company.”

Eccentric Wheels/ Jerk-Lines

This production of oil wells was used by an oil well company in Pennsylvania. It was the central power source that could connect and operate several units by steel rod lines, also known as jerk lines. Steam power was the initial power to drive the eccentric power units. Being as efficient as central power units, time and technology was the change to the oilfield process.

Who was Walter Trout?

Walter Trout worked for Lufkin Foundry & Machine in 1925 when he sketched out the idea of the now familiar counterbalanced oil well pump jack. Most of the modern wells resemble Trout’s prototype, but provide more efficiency and reliability. You can see these throughout the countryside of Oklahoma, especially when driving on the highways.

What were the advancements?

Over time there is always something “better” or is benefitting from “smart” technology. Which is what exactly happened! There is a computer-based technology that is used to monitor and analyze pump systems in real-time. By having this monitoring with real-time, the well production and lift unit is capable of optimizing energy usage while maximizing the amount of oil recovered from the respective zones.

With the history of prototypes that are used today and combination of smart technology, the oilfield and oil well pump motors can produce a very large portion of the oil that is produced today.

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